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Crush on these Chariteas Items.

White Tea Bud is produced exclusively from young unopened shoots hand-picked right before the first spring rains. These buds are withered and dried gently in natural sunlight.

White Tea Bud - $18

Throughout the years, Chariteas has discovered the importance of health and resilience. Chariteas latest collection is a regimen aimed at renewal.

Restoration Collection - $45

1.) Rise: Awaken to a robust black tea blend carefully handpicked from a lush tea garden in China. 2.) Recharge: Stimulate your senses by whisking a fresh cup of organically grown Japanese Matcha - the perfect afternoon pick me up. 3.) Rest: Wind down your day with a soothing blend of chamomile tea blended with a variety of mints.

Evening in the Garden - $12.00

A mix of fruit and rooibos create a well-balanced flavor of strawberry and vanilla reminiscent of a garden in full bloom. The addition of orange sprinkles is sure to capture a child’s heart and imagination. This tisane can be enjoyed anytime of day and any time of year.

Berries and Blooms Collection - $41

Let this tea flight take you to the bright flavors of berry fields and lush floral gardens. Bursting with real berry flavor, Berry Fields Forever is crafted from a fresh pick of ripe berries, black currants, sour cherries, and hibiscus. This stunning ruby infusion is perfectly tart and uplifting. Evening in the garden blends fruit and rooibos to create a well-balanced flavor of strawberry and vanilla reminiscent of a garden in full bloom. Flowery Oolong is a lightly oxidized oolong sourced from a sustainable family farm in Vietnam. Its divine flavor will transport you a tea garden ready for harvest

Flowery Oolong is harvested from premium Thanh Tam tea bushes which flourish in the fertile soil of the Moc Chau plateau. Young leaves are carefully harvested in spring then sun dried, shaken in traditional bamboo drums, withered, and drum baked. The leaves are then rolled up to ten times to achieve their characteristic shape. Sure to delight those with many different tastes, we recommend taking advantage of this teas' ability to be steeped multiple times.

Flowery Oolong - $16

A Chariteas exclusive versatile strainer that is sure to turn heads and become your new favorite hand crafted strainer. Designed to rest on the top of your mug whoch will prevent tea leaves from falling into your cup.

Brass Strainer - $12.00