Flowery Oolong

Flowery Oolong


Flowery Oolong is a lightly oxidized oolong sourced from a sustainable family farm in Vietnam’s Son La province. Using responsible farming and production methods this farm is dedicated to offering the highest quality teas including our other essential oolong, Red Buffalo. Both Red Buffalo and Flowery Oolong are harvested from premium Thanh Tam tea bushes which flourish in the fertile soil of the Moc Chau plateau. Young leaves are carefully harvested in spring then sun dried, shaken in traditional bamboo drums, withered, and drum baked. The leaves are then rolled up to ten times to achieve their characteristic shape. Sure to delight those with many different tastes, we recommend taking advantage of this teas' ability to be steeped multiple times.


Ingredients: Sustainably grown oolong tea

  • Steeping Instructions

    Use 1 tsp per 8oz of water.

    Your water should be 185-200℉.

    Ideal steeping time is 1-3 minutes.

    Suggested number of steeps: 3

  • Quantity

    Each tea tin contains 2 oz of Flowery Oolong