Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Looking for a gift for that special person, friends, or family, Chariteas has some unique ideas that are sure to delight the tea lover in them.

Chariteas Christmas Morning, $11

Christmas Morning is by no means a holiday exclusive. This spiced blend showcases the warm and rich flavors of rooibos, heirloom cocoa nibs, and cinnamon.

Brass Strainer, $12

This strainer is handmade of brass and designed to rest on the top of your mug. Pour tea from a tea pot of this strainer will prevent tea leaves from falling into the cup. Tea lovers will love this hand-crafted tea strainer.

Chariteas Teapots at $22 and Chariteas mug at $22

Chariteas signature teapots are made of white ceramic and holds the exact amount of water for two cups of tea. Chariteas’ signature mugs are handmade in Waco, Texas and will keep each cup of tea warm all season long.

Handmade Apron, S24.95

Chariteas’ artisan aprons are made of Japanese fabric and come in 8 mystery designs and styles. *Those pictured above come are some examples and specific designs may not be chosen.

Matcha Bowls, $25

Sourced from Japan these matcha bowls can be used for a daily matcha fix or traditional tea ceremony. The pictured matcha bowl is made of ceramic and has a grey color with a crackled finish.

Winter Warmth Tea Flight $36

Chariteas Latest Trio: Winter Warmth Tea Flight is sure to keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy all season long. This tea flight consists of 2 oz of Minty Meadow, 3 oz of Christmas Morning, 3 oz of Fireside Orange.

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