Cold Brew Indonesian Rainstorm

June celebrates National Tea Month. What’s more exciting is that summer is just around the corner and a Cold Brew Tea fits the sun kissed weather!

Cold brew tea is steeping the tea using a cold water instead of hot. This method of slowly infusing tea extracts a smoother, sweeter, and mellower brew. An added benefit is less bitterness.

Many kinds of tea can be steeped using the cold brew method. These include White tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, and Tisanes. At Chariteas we love to use Indonesian Rainstorm.


· 2 tablespoons of Indonesian Rainstorm

· 32 oz of cold water

· Ice cubes

· Pitcher or mason jar

· Lemon

· Honey (optional)


· Prepare a 2 tablespoon Loose-leaf Indonesian Rainstorm Black tea into a mason jar or pitcher.

· Pour the cold water in a mason jar and let it sit for 3 hours or to desired strength.

· Strain the tea leaves out. Add lemon and sweeten honey, if desired.

· Pour the infusion over a glass with ice and serve

· Enjoy!

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