Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning


This spiced rooibos blend showcases the smooth flavors of Auro Chocolate's organically-grown Heirloom cocoa nibs. Masterfully crafted to be both calming and uplifting , Christmas Morning is by no means a holiday exclusive. Bringing to mind that warm blissful feeling of lazy mornings spent with loved ones, this blend can be enjoyed all day long in any season. With flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and mint this kid-friendly tea is best when shared.


Ingredients: rooibos*, peppermint*, spearmint*, cacoa nibs*, cinnamon*, cloves*.

*Organically Produced

  • Steeping Instructions

    Use 1 tsp per 8oz of water.

    Your water should be 200-215℉.

    Ideal steeping time is 3-5 minutes.

    Suggested number of steeps: 2

  • Quantity

    Each tea tin contains 3 oz of Christmas Morning