Getting The Most Out Of Your Tea

New Year, New Tea! But have you ever wondered what to do with old tea or maybe teas that aren’t your favorite? No need to throw it away! We at Chariteas have some fun ideas for repurposing those forgotten stashes.

Make a potpourri

Dried tea leaves (even used ones!) can be placed into a jar, canister or even little hanging bags to fresh up any area. Add some essential oils to customize your sachets, like peppermint to energize, lemon for freshness or lavender to relax. Our favorite discarded teas to use are Lavender, Hibiscus with Berries, and Chai.

Fertilizers for plants

Instead of throwing used tea leaves into the garbage, why not toss them in your garden? Simply collect the loose-leaf tea or remove tea leaves from the teabag then mix it into your garden soil for some added nutrients! Don’t forget to use the leftover cooled tea liquid (if you haven’t finished it) to water plants too. No need to dump it down the sink.

Have a clean-smelling fridge

Tea leaves can help absorb odors inside refrigerators. Dry out your used tea leaves in the teabag overnight. Then place the dried tea bags inside the refrigerator and leave it to work its magic. Black teas work best in this case!

Deodorizer for smelly shoes

Got a bad case of stinky shoes? Wrap some dried tea leaves in a cloth and place them inside the shoes. Let it sit for a few hours (or overnight) before removing it. Strongly scented teas are your friend for this odiferous job.

Whether you drink it or use it, tea can be helpful in many things. If you have other suggestions on how to repurpose your used tea, leave a comment below!

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