The Comfort of Tea

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

     Hello from Tokyo Narita Airport. It seems life has brought me be back to my first home Asia.

A rather melancholy moment has called me home for a short period and as I sit here waiting for my next plane to depart, I’m thinking about how comforting it is to be here in this airport. I've been through Tokyo Narita many times, going to and from so many experiences, there is a sensation of peacefulness in the familiarity.

This reminds me of how tea is basically comfort in a cup for me and for many of the peoples and cultures of the world.

I’ve often wondered what is it about tea (unlike coffee) that makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

The scientific answer is that tea has chemical qualities that lower stress hormone levels and increase mental alertness; helping you relax but giving you focus.

Socially, tea's comforting properties come from generations of communities, from England to Japan and China to South America, passing down the ritual of sharing tea. People sit around the table, eating, drinking tea, talking, laughing and generally just enjoying their time with one another. It reminds me of the anonymous quote, "Tea is a cup of life." The strength we draw from the liquid and from the communal moments truly do strengthen us.

As useful as the science behind tea is, ultimately I think that it’s this time spent with friends and family around a teapot that truly brings comfort to one’s soul…


Team Chariteas

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