Sandy Historical Society

In 1853 the Revenue family was the first family to settle in what is now known as the City of Sandy. They opened a trading post to serve many of the settlers coming in on the Oregon trail. Among what was considered the very basic necessities for survival was tea. As one of the few dietary staples that could not be easily produced on their new land, tea was an important commodity that was undoubtedly available at the Revenue’s trading post.

Named after the nearby river, Sandy became an incorporated city in 1913. 13 years later the Sandy Historical Society was founded and has been working hard to preserve the incredible history of our area for over 90 years.

A little over a decade old, our local museum has many of these historical artifacts, news, photographs and first-hand accounts available to the public. Now, like the trading post so long ago, they also have tea! Chariteas Chai, Fireside Orange, Summer in Provence, Mountain Rose, Happy Tummy, Sweet Tart, and Cascadia Spice are available in their gift shop every day until 4pm. Make sure you also check out their other locally crafted products and historical works.

Appreciate what they do and want to steep yourself in history? They are always accepting volunteer applications!

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