Make Your Cup of Tea Spooky with This Frightfully Simple Craft

Impress the ghouls and goblins in your life with these ghostly tea bags. They can be adorable or creepy and are frightfully easy to make. The best part is, the steeped tea is spooky too, taking on a mysterious shadowy hue. My three-year-old likes helping but has a short attention span so these were a perfect Halloween activity for us. We always get overwhelmed and queasy from the sugar overload during holidays so we often look for fun alternatives: like toys instead of candy for trick-or-treaters. These simple little spooks will be perfect for treating friends and family!


  • Bleached and/or unbleached coffee filters

  • A teaspoon

  • Your favorite teas (I used Cascadia Spice and Timberline Morning)

  • Twine

  • Fine paint brush

  • Black food coloring OR Activated Charcoal


Lay out your coffee filters and scoop a heaping teaspoon of tea into the center of each. If you would prefer to use activated charcoal instead of food coloring for your spook’s face but still want your tea to be ghoulish add about 1/4 teaspoon of activated charcoal to the tea in the center of each coffee filter. Pinch the center of the filter and make a little pouch around the tea, pulling the edges up like up like a skirt. Tap to make sure all the tea has settled in the pouch then tighten your grip around the top so no tea can get out.  Tightly tie a piece of twine between the pouch and the skirt leaving a little space in the pouch for the tea to expand, but not so much that your ghost gets a floppy head. Trim the dangling ends of twine.


This is where you decide whether you want your ghost to be creepy or cute: Take your fine brush and paint a little face on your spook. You can use either black gel food coloring or activated charcoal mixed with a couple drops of water to make a thin paste. Be aware that these faces require very little “paint” so use teeny amounts at a time so you aren’t wasting it. The charcoal-faced ghosts will get their dark and shadowy tea-liquid from the charcoal you added in with the loose leaf, so you can control the darkness by adjusting that amount. The other spooks make darker beverages when you use more food coloring on their faces, so keep that in mind when you are painting.


Let your ghostly faces dry for a couple hours before storing, though be careful if you painted with charcoal because it smudges easily. You can also simply dunk your spook in a cup of boiling water to enjoy right away. Just make sure to share a frightfully delicious cup of tea with someone you love. We wish you all many smiles this Halloween!

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