Rain-Forest Alliance Tea Box


The Rain-forest Alliance Tea Box showcases four amazing "Beyond Organic" teas. “Beyond organic” means that our Indonesian teas aren’t just grown without pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. These teas are sourced directly from a third generation farm in Indonesia where they treat their workers like family by providing housing, education, medical benefits, and fair wages. The tea estate helps to protect a nearby nature preserve and they work hard to benefit the rain forest by replanting and powering their processing facility with hydro power. 


The Rain-forest Alliance Tea Box contains:

    • 1 oz  Grey Dragon , a sweet and floral white tea with the creamy qualities of an oolong.
    • 1 oz  White Tea Bud , a delicate white tea with floral notes and a honey-like sweetness.
    • 1.5 oz Amber Woods , a black tea tasting of caramel and apricot.
    • 2 oz  Indonesian Rainstorm , a blend of black tea and white tea tips with a smooth malt.