Olive & Dingo's Color Changing Tea

Olive & Dingo's Color Changing Tea


Olive and Dingo, Portland’s favorite clown duo, were the inspiration behind this blue tea. This blend was formulated with their collaboration for kids of all ages, one to one-hundred, and is sure to bring a pop of

color to your tea parties. Blended responsibly using non-caffeinated and organic ingredients, its magical color changing properties are thanks to butterfly pea flower, a Thai herb that when mixed with citrus turns your tea purple!

Join Olive and Dingo at one of their Story-Times or invite them to your next party!


Ingredients: dried mango*, coconut*, rosehips*, rose bud*, butterfly pea flower*, calendula*, and natural peach flavoring*.  *Organically produced.

  • Steeping Instructions

    Use 1 Tbsp per 12oz of water.

    Your water should be 200-215℉.

    Ideal steeping time is 3-5 minutes.

    Suggested number of steeps: 1

  • Quantity

    Each tea tin contains 2 oz of Olive & Dingo's Color Changing Tea