Amber Woods (WS)


Amber Woods is sourced from a sustainable tea estate in the rainy mountains of West Java, Indonesia.  As part of The Rain Forest Alliance, this family owned estate is beyond organic, working to preserve the Gunung Tilu rain forest that surrounds them by planting treas, running their factory on hydro power, using organic farming practices, and helping to protect a neighboring nature preserve. They also strive to treat their employees like family by providing housing, medical care, and fare wages. We have come to think of this family as good friends and proudly offer three other teas sourced from their estate: Grey Dragon, White Tea Bud, and Indonesian Rainstorm.

Amber Woods is classified as a Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe. To produce Amber Woods young leaves and some buds are harvested, withered, broken, fully oxidized, and dried with hot air.


Ingredients: Sustainably grown black tea

  • Steeping Instructions

    Use 1 tsp per 8oz of water.

    Your water should be 195-208℉.

    Ideal steeping time is 3-5 minutes.

    Suggested number of steeps: 2

  • Oz Per Box

    Each box contains 2 oz of Amber Woods